Let me begin by welcoming you to the LuKap blog in which I will share my own views, opinions and stories with you (I may venture off the subject matter sometimes, forgive me), in the hope that it will give you a better idea of who I am.   

While I am working my notice period for my current employer, I would say that LuKap Consulting officially launched this week.  There have been no contracts signed yet, but this is the first week in which I started introducing myself under LuKap Consulting when introducing myself externally.  I should take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to my existing employer for allowing me to build my business contacts whilst still working for them, something that I will always be grateful for.  

The last week has been a bit of learning curve but 3 particular points stand out which I would like to share with you.  


1. Say it like you mean it

It was only at the halfway point in the week when it really hit me.  On a stage, presenting to around 60 other consultants at a high-profile event in London.  Feeling slightly under the weather (as it turns out, it was tonsillitis which I am still recovering from as I write this), I looked across the room and introduced myself for the first time as the Managing Director of LuKap Consulting.  It felt strange at first and (being blatantly honest) I could hear the uncertainty in my voice and it may have even sounded more like a question than a statement (cringe!).  But even in that vulnerable moment, I felt a buzz.  As the slides rolled on and I talked about my company I forgot about the swollen glands, the slight fever and shivers.  In fact, I felt as good as I could remember. It marked a watershed moment, a transition from drip-feeding my intentions to one or two people at a time, to making a declaration in front of a packed room.  Yes, I am the Managing Director of LuKap Consulting.  Seriously, I mean it.   


2. Uncertainty is opportunity

But hold a second.  Think about it: what would happen if you fail?  How can you just throw away everything that you have worked so hard for, to chase something that holds no guarantees whatsoever?  These are the questions that I’ve grappled with over the last 12 months since the idea formed at 2400 meters in Colombia’s Valle de Cocora (another story for another time).  I have procrastinated endlessly, reading and listening to blogs and audiobooks – I’ve listed my favourite ones below.

I have found them truly inspiring – but not in the way that I had initially thought I would.  I was looking for certainty: a roadmap that I could follow, that would guarantee me the outcomes that I wanted.  And you know what I found? Complete uncertainty. I now know about countless scenarios that have gone wrong and many different ways of doing things.  But, above all, I have come to view uncertainty in a very different light. Uncertainty creates massive opportunity for success and growth at many different levels.  I recognise that this uncertainty is what will push me further out of my comfort zone, which excites and terrifies me in equal measure. What will happen if I fail?  I don’t know.  But then again, what would happen if I succeed?         


3. Action builds expertise

What makes me think that I am “expert” enough to do this?  Why should people want to listen to me? Another one of those questions I have asked myself in those moments of self-doubt.  And then a couple of weeks ago I had an epiphany: I need to speak to those people who I consider to be experts in the field in order to gauge how “good” I need to be.  And that’s exactly what I’ve sought to do.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have reached out to many of them, both in the UK and Europe.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for being so gracious in offering their time to meet face to face, over Skype or via telephone and offer their encouragement and support.  I really have been blown away: every encounter has only provided further reassurance that my decision is the right one. Not only have I already learned so many things and feel like I have enriched my network with people who share this incredible enthusiasm towards the subject, but every exchange has also served a validation of my own knowledge.  I am realising that I do have expertise and a wealth of practical experience that can add real value to others.

My lesson from this exercise?  The real expertise comes from doing: acknowledging what you don’t know, getting on with what you know and trusting that you will fill the gaps in your knowledge through a combination of tireless enthusiasm, determination and perseverance.  

It’s been a quite a week.  I feel very positive about the path I have chosen and where it will lead.  As I love a good quote, I will end by quoting Margaret Drabble who once said, “when nothing is sure, everything is possible”.  And all I can see is possibility and opportunity.


P.S.  Here are those books I was talking about.  Well worth a read (or a listen):

  • Choose Yourself: Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream.  James Altucher.
  • I Can’t Make this up: Life Lessons.  Kevin Hart
  • Intentional Living: Choosing a Life that Matters.  John C Maxwell
  • Money: Know More, Make More, Give More.  Rob Moore